Alan Cagle(non-registered)
Of course I'm a bit biased...but your photography is really quite extraordinary!
T. Beck(non-registered)
Jerry, I received the mimosa photos! Absolutely stunning! I love your take on everything you photograph. You are a brilliant artist!
Some very good work. I especially liked "fern fall", the "saguaro cacti" and the "cemetery in Ironwood". I also like your honesty, simplicity and lack of ego. A big ego is the worse thing to have for a photographer ahahah! Never helps...
Gretchen Boise(non-registered)
Oh my! Gorgeous, sensitive work, I could not say it better. Yes, the Native Americans would welcome your eye, I am sure your time with the ones who work to preserve their culture and rich lands would offer the most in return. I worked with closely with Native Americans all across America since 2003. The Tohono Odum are nearby. I met them in ?2003? at The Nature Conservancy Legacy Meeting in Texas where, in their presence, while speaking, the TNC director, Mr. Sawhill said it is the Native peoples who are preserving the earth the best. Thank you for helping.
Alacia Sooter(non-registered)
Jerry - Incredible photos! What a terrific way to document and share your adventures! Can't wait for more.
Tom Herrick(non-registered)
Your photos from Whitewater Draw are spectacular! We've visited WD in late winter on 3 occasions and I always come away with more and more interesting photos. The freezing cold dawn visit was the most rewarding as we saw the cranes take off for feeding near Willcox. Beautiful light! Hats off to you for your efforts...
Leslie Hawes(non-registered)
I found your photos via the Tucson Weekly listing for the BajaCafe. Gorgeous, sensitive work.
Gerard Kiely(non-registered)
Jerry, I had an opportunity to view some of your work this morning; absolutely beautiful!!! You live in a breathtaking, senic part of the country...
Raymond Peter Baxter(non-registered)
Hello again! I do not mean to hog your guest book but another suggested assignment for you may be 'the desert sky at night'. I think the Native American project (if you took it up) is an assignment which could be long term and which might involve much advance negotiation and building of trust. The sky at night, however, is something which might be achievable in the shorter term (given that in Torrid Tuscon you have many clearer skies at night than we do in Wet and Windy Verwood). I think that having studied your excellent photography skills 'the desert sky at night' would be well within your grasp. Just a suggestion - although I would look forward to seeing the results if you go ahead.
Raymond Peter Baxter(non-registered)
Hello Jerry. May I congratulate you on some outstanding photography. I have just visited your best of 2013 - excellent. Have you thought about a section on Native Americans? Indigenous cultures and values are fast disappearing world-wide as races become absorbed into modern economic systems. I feel it would be good to capture what may remain of the last vestiges of a past way of life. Keep up the good work and regards to your wife. Ray Baxter.
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